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I never had the honor of knowing / speaking to Stuart directly, but heard about him in all sorts of places. I wish I'd had the chance.

Just wanted to say that I'm writing something and my first thought this morning was that I would have so asked him for advice on this.

Delayed laffs
In October 2005 I moved from California to Maryland. minotaurs was kind enough, along with a few other friends, to come over and help me pack and move at the last minute.

I've moved again, and while going through an unused closet I found a bunch of boxes that never really got unpacked from back then, so I loaded them up to move to my new place. One of them was marked, in big black letters, "PIKCHURS!" We all knew who to blame. :)

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I didn't realize he'd died but I've always been very grateful to the amount of help he provided my writing and other's. I'm glad his site is still online and being remembered.

One of the times I think of him the most these days is when I buy books on amazon and the sex is wrong. Like the author clearly has no real idea what they're going about writing and I think, god, can't they just go to minotaur's site and see what they're doing wrong? And they're getting published?

Not forgotten
Dunno why but was thinking about Stuart this weekend. Miss him a lot.

Another anniversary gone by

Totally missed the 14th, but maybe that's a good thing - better to remember his inherent awesomeness than that day.

I've been thinking about Stuart a lot lately, mostly because my life situation has changed and I'm hoping to be able to make it back to San Diego soon. I realize he was starting preparations to leave it, but IIRC he said he'd stayed there the longest out of all of his travels in his life, so I think that says something about the place.

It'll be sad going back knowing I won't have him as a friend to rely on (and have missed being able to call him and get his advice on my own woes). Still, the friends I have there all remember him, so we'll have lots to reminisce about. I'm certainly going to continue to ask his all-purpose greeting, "What's your damage, Heather?" :)

Miss you lots, you bastard.


OMG this SOOOOOOO reminded me of Stuart:

Today Now! Interviews The 5-Year-Old Screenwriter Of "Fast Five"

He would have LOVED IT. :)

Damn him!

Well, wherever he is, he officially got his toaster oven for me today. With the whole making people owners of communities thing I ended up with ownership of sandiegoslash, which Stuart had started. It doesn't get much traffic, but being in charge of a slash community I think makes it all official, doesn't it?

And to think, it all started when we went to see The Brothers Grimmm... :D

Voicemail from Stuart - April 19, 2009
jimmy and superman
I hope this works. If it does, enjoy.


Edit: same file, less cumbersome link:


Because you know he would've loved it
1) Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

You so know he would've been on this like white on rice.

2) The last season of The Lair

Mandusa. I cannot stop laughing, and I know he would've ROFL'd, too.

5 random things
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Just for fun, I thought I'd think of five random things I remembered about Stuart before I went to bed:

1. At some point in our late teens or early 20s, he owned a used blue Porsche 914, which he liked to drive really fast, especially when he insisted on making sharp turns while laughing maniacally. This would either thrill me or make me wet myself in fear.

2. One year he had to work alone in an office on Christmas Day -- and managed to seduce a maintenance worker who happened to be outside cleaning the windows. I pretended to be shocked -- but I was also deeply in awe.

3. He never did drag, but I have letters from him signed, "Countess Lesbiadora von WeenieLips"

4. I don't think he ever refused anything with chocolate in it.

5. This may be a funny thing to say as a friend, but I thought he had a nice penis. (And somewhere as I type this he's going "what? on the internet? Bitch!" Well, I was kinda jealous of it too, like a lot of things. He played the fun-loving older brother to my nerdy younger brother but it worked out fine, I think.

I think having good memories about good friends is one of the best gifts we can, and should, allow ourselves.


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