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5 random things

Just for fun, I thought I'd think of five random things I remembered about Stuart before I went to bed:

1. At some point in our late teens or early 20s, he owned a used blue Porsche 914, which he liked to drive really fast, especially when he insisted on making sharp turns while laughing maniacally. This would either thrill me or make me wet myself in fear.

2. One year he had to work alone in an office on Christmas Day -- and managed to seduce a maintenance worker who happened to be outside cleaning the windows. I pretended to be shocked -- but I was also deeply in awe.

3. He never did drag, but I have letters from him signed, "Countess Lesbiadora von WeenieLips"

4. I don't think he ever refused anything with chocolate in it.

5. This may be a funny thing to say as a friend, but I thought he had a nice penis. (And somewhere as I type this he's going "what? on the internet? Bitch!" Well, I was kinda jealous of it too, like a lot of things. He played the fun-loving older brother to my nerdy younger brother but it worked out fine, I think.

I think having good memories about good friends is one of the best gifts we can, and should, allow ourselves.
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1 year ago today

Just wanted to mark the anniversary today. I've missed Stuart quite a bit this past year, and think about him often.

This weekend I'm going to CON.TXT and have a little surprise for folks as a way to remember him. I'm really looking forward to meeting the people he introduced me to in 2008 again.

I really, really miss you man.
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An unexpected Stuart sighting

OK, this will take a little explaining...

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So, here I am, playing this version of Fluxx that I haven't seen in over four years, and what do I draw as a Goal card? "Stuart Choking," with the winning Keepers being The Holocaust and any food-related Keeper.

Of course it caught me completely off guard and I about fell out of my chair laughing (no one else got the joke as I'm gaming with a whole new crowd now, so I had to come here to share). All those great memories of gaming with Stuart every week and his great sense of humor and adventure came back and reminded me all over again of how much I appreciated the time I was lucky enough to spend with him (and, of course, how much he's missed).

In a few weeks I'll be attending CON.TXT, the slash convention where he dragged me (only slightly) kicking and screaming into that new fandom, and I'm looking forward to seeing people I met there who also knew Stuart so we can compare silly stories and remember him.
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Happy 46th, sweetie. I'm pretending we found some old theater somewhere showing "Faster Pussycat Kill Kill" after a meal of mediocre Chinese food (which of course I would never dream of telling you was actually mediocre) and then drinking vodka mind-erasers while ogling some buff thing behind the bar. Then you would crack your knuckles and say "let's do some karaoke," except this time I'd actually say, "sure."
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It's been a while, but thankfully I have plenty of things that remind me of Stuart. He is so not forgotten. I'm also going out to visit San Diego in a couple of weeks, so he's been on my mind, especially since I'll be getting together with mutual friends there.

Is anyone attending CON.TXT in June? It'll be right around the anniversary of Stuart's passing, and I spoke with one of the organizers and I know they're planning a few informal/small things to remember Stuart. I'll be there, if for no other reason to carry one some small part of his legacy (i.e., a gay guy who's not afraid to talk about gay sex to slash writers!). Plus, you know, really awesome people that Stuart introduced me to two years ago when he paid for my membership just so he could hook me on slash. :)
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minotaur: blond ambition

I think this is circa 1995, New York City -- it was sent to me by a friend of a friend. Stuart first tried out NYC briefly in the mid-80s, but IIRC he didn't ditch his brunet tresses and go boyband blond (before it was trendy, of course), until he moved back to NYC for a second time, in the 90s.

His apartment was in the historic meat packing district, between the Restaurant Florent and a charming little lounge called Hell (the interior is very, very red). Stuart would joke that he lived between "Hell and the Hudson," as the water was a short walk from his place. Summers got unbearably sultry by August, but he loved it.

Again, there will be gathering in Berkeley on Saturday, June 27 -- please scroll down for details and of course information posted by others on ways to help his folks settle his affairs. It's wonderful how people have come together, each in our own way, to give back to a man who clearly gave so much to us.